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B-Town condemns militant attack on school in Peshawar

B Town condemns militant attack on school in Peshawar B-Town condemns militant attack on school in Peshawar Mumbai, Dec 16 (PTI) Bollywood celebrities today termed the Taliban militants attack on an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan as “sickening” and “appalling”.

The heavily-armed Taliban militants stormed the school in Pakistan’s volatile northwestern city of Peshawar and killed over 100, mostly students when they started indiscriminate firing on them.
Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar said, “This is sad. Real sad! Children.”

Arjun Kapoor said he felt helpless after reading about the attack. “Just reading about Peshawar never felt more helpless… My prayers with everyone in Peshawar all the children and parents… Sad sad day,” he tweeted.

Priyanka Chopra tweeted, “Appalling! What kind of wimps hurt kids!”

Sonakshi Sinha said, “Oh god! Whats happening in this world. Times like these make you question humanity. Everyone please pray for whats happening in #Peshawar.”, adding, “Terrorism has no religion. People who can do such a thing have no god. Prayers with all the parents and children going thru this.”

Farhan Akhtar said his heart broke after he got to know about the incident. “My heart has broken… The world failed those children in Peshawar… It’s a sad sad day,” he posted on Twitter.

His father Javed Akhtar also tweeted, “104 innocent children are killed by Talibans In Peshawar . A black day for humanity.”

Actress Sandhya Mridul feels that after the back-to-back militant attacks on the innocent, the world has gone wrong.

“It’s a school for god sake! Animals. Why? Why would anyone want to kill children? We humans should be destroyed… This world has gone so wrong. Sickening!,” she tweeted.

R Madhavan wrote, “Who are these people actually. Where are they from, their families, their upbringing, their faces, what can drive them to kill children.” Actor-director Rajat Kapoor expressed his anger over the attack and said, “Millions of year of evolution- FOR THIS??! kamaal hai!!”

“Is there an Allah or a God who will answer to the wails unmeasured grief of the parents whose children were massacred by the talibanis!!,” asked Raveena.

“Don’t have the courage to put the news on … Reading about the children of Peshawar is heart wrenching enough . No words at all …” tweeted Nimrat Kaur.

Music maestro Vishal dadlani said: “This happens when you mix religion and politics. It’s a sad, sick world, where kids are killed in the name of God and politics. #Peshawar”

R Madhvan also said, “Ohhhhhh.. No no no. Please not children in schools.God this is not right.My heart N prayers go out to the children and families in Peshawar”