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Bihar declares transgenders as third gender

Bihar declares transgenders as third gender In a significant decision, the Bihar Cabinet on Tuesday declared Transgenders to be counted as ‘third gender’ in the state.

Principal Secretary (Cabinet Department) Brajesh Mehrotra said that the transgenders will be included in Schedule – 2 of the list of Backward Castes in the state and will be given reservations in government jobs according to the prevalent rules and regulations.

The state cabinet today discussed 45 proposals and the one on transgenders was among them. People belonging to the third gender and several civil rights organisations had been demanding recognition for a long time.

In its efforts to improve the infrastructure of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Patna Centre, the cabinet approved an additional grant of Rs 8.4 crore.

Among other major decisions, the cabinet approved Rs 180 crore for implementation of sub-mission on agriculture extension scheme under National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology in the state. The amount will be spent by state and district level organisations.

The cabinet also approved Rs 31.57 crore for use of ‘zero tillage method’ to increase wheat productivity during the current financial year.

The cabinet ratified an advance of Rs 100 crore for ‘agriculture input subsidy’ to farmers suffering from flood and cyclones. The advance has been given from Bihar Emergency Fund.

Besides, the cabinet approved additional expenditure of Rs 823.69 crore from state government resources to provide Rs 400 per month pension to all old age, disabled and widow pensioners under various central schemes.