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Brazil wants Mick Jagger to support their rival teams

Brazil wants Mick Jagger to support their rival teamsBrazilian football fans want Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to root for their rival teams as they feel his support is unlucky for teams.

The people of the football-obsessed nation are calling it ‘the Jagger curse’.

Italy was the most recent victim of what local press in Brazil have taken to calling Jagger’s “pe frio” or “cold foot” a term used to describe the bad luck he seems to bring for teams he supports, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Jagger had assured fans at a concert in Rome on Saturday that four-time World Cup winners Italy would surely triumph over Uruguay. The team lost 1-0, failing to advance for the second consecutive World Cup.

Similarly in May, the 70-year-old singer had told a crowd in Lisbon that he believed Portugal would win their first World Cup this year. The team, despite its star player Christiano Ronaldo, have failed to win a single game and are on the verge of elimination.

In the beginning of the tournament, the rocker cheered for his home country, England, in their match against Uruguay.

“Let’s go England! This is the one to win!!,” he had tweeted.

English team is heading home early after a poor performance in the first round.

The Jagger curse first captured the imagination of Brazilian fans at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. At that tournament, Jagger attended key England, US and Brazil matches and every team he supported lost.

Now Brazilian fans have taken to social media to request Jagger to support Holland or their rival team Argentina.