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C.P.I. On Railway Budget 2014-15

C.P.I. On Railway Budget 2014-15The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued following statement to the press:

The Railway budget for 2014-15 is quite disappointing. It lacks vision and clarity for the future of Indian Railways. The BJP led government has already hiked the passenger fare and freight charges. The people have been already burdened.

The fare revision is expected to bring an additional revenue of about Rs. 8000 crores. But the government hands out a threat of need to have more than Rs. 9 lakh crores to complete the Golden Quadrilateral Network and about Rs. 60,000 crores for introducing one bullet train alone.

The government’s priorities are highly questionable. For resource mobilization, the government completely depends upon FDI, private investment and PPP. This is nothing but creeping privatization.

The government’s approach to the safety of passengers, particularly of women and to the services given to the passengers is very casual. There is nothing in the budget to create confidence about the future of Indian Railways.