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Community leaders hail Verma’s nomination as India’s US envoy

Community leaders hail Vermas nomination as Indias US envoy The nomination of Richard Rahul Verma as the US Ambassador to India is a “crowning moment” for Indian-Americans, members of whose have been appointed in record numbers by President Barack Obama, according to eminent leaders from the community.

Verma, if confirmed by the Senate would be the first-ever Indian-American to be the US Ambassador to India.

“It is a crowning moment for us (Indian-Americans). Not only has the president appointed many Indian-Americans here, but he has found someone worthy of representing the country in India. I would view this as a crowning moment,” Silicon Valley-based M R Rangaswami, a successful entrepreneur, community builder and philanthropist, said.

“He has a strong relationship across the United States Government. He is equally popular among both the Democrats and Republicans.He has a deep understanding of India and India US relationship,” said, Swadesh Chatterjee, who played a key role in the civil-nuclear deal.

Indian-American Republican from Texas, Ashok Mago said, “It is exciting to see that finally an American of Indian origin with great credentials have been nominated to represent USA to one of the most important nation”.

“We all have great hopes for Rich (Verma) to take relations between to great nations to new heights. He has opened door for other Americans of Indian-origin to be considered as US ambassadors to India,” he said.

The United States Senate has not yet announced the date for confirmation hearing for Verma.

Neera Tandon, President of Center for American Progress – a top US think-tank said, “I have always known him to be a brilliant thinker, very strategic, very sharp, very quick, and just incredibly capable.”