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‘Efforts being made to see UP self-reliant in power by 2016’

Efforts being made to see UP self-reliant in power by 2016 There is intensive work going on to make Uttar Pradesh self-reliant in power by 2016 and ensure 24/7 supply in urban areas and at least 18 hours a day electricity in villages, state’s chief secretary Alok Ranjan said today.

“While round-the-clock power supply would be ensured in urban areas, rural areas would be supplied at least 18 hours of power supply,” the chief secretary said while speaking to reporters here this afternoon.

While efforts to enhance generation is on, transmission lines are also being revamped.

Steps would be taken to reduce line losses in the distribution system and the “gap of two thousand megawatt power shortage would be fulfilled,” he said.

Work has started to make Mathura a major tourist destination.

Not only infrastructure is being improved but cleaning and renovation of six kunds (ponds) is also on.

The stress is on quality work.

“Enquiry has been set up on the poor quality of work in ?Nandgaon Kund,” Ranjan added.

There is no drought-like situation in Mathura.

Production of Bajra would replace shortage of paddy as? 52 per cent of rain has enabled the farmer to go for seeding.

“There is no dearth of fertiliser,” he asserted.

On Yamuna pollution, he was sure that cleanliness of Yamuna would also be taken up in Ganga Action Plan.

“Initially the work would start in Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi, and the rest would be taken up afterwards,” the chief secretary added.

Expressing displeasure on cleanliness, construction of road and running of sewage treatment plant here, he said that enquiry would be conducted and guilty would be punished.

On JNNURM scheme, he said that one-third of the work would complete?by 2015.