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FC Goa is missing someone who can score a goal: Zico

FC Goa is missing someone who can score a goal Zico FC Goa’s marquee manager Zico today admitted that his team lacks a potent striker, which is the reason for their three defeats in four games in the Indian Super League.

Goa lost0-2 to FC Pune City in their away game today.

“The team is missing someone who can score a goal. Football is all scoring goals and we don’t have a guy who can score. Today, we had four chances to score, but there was no one to score,” the Brazilian legend lamented at the post-match press conference.

Asked about if Robert Pires’s absence due to suspension made the difference, Zico said,”We shouldn’t be worried about who is there and who is not there on field. With him (Pires) on the field, we lost two matches and drew one, so I don’t how to answer that question of yours.”

What was the difference between his team and Pune, pat came the reply,”Well, when we were playing well, we didn’t score and they scored.”

Was it a case of defensive lapse, he said,”It wasn’t a defensive lapse. It was mistake that happens in football. At moments where we couldn’t do anything they scored. It is normal thing to happen in football. So we need someone to score a goal.”

Zico was impressed with the performance of Afghanistan’s national team captain Haroon Amiri.

“This is the first time I saw him playing. He is a player that made me happy with his game. He played very well. He wants to win to game. So it might be possible that he might be played in future matches. I like players like him in my team.”

Pune goalie Bellardi hada great time under the bar and Zico was as impressed as the others.

“I know him very well because played for four years in a team that I used to play.”

Quizzed how much of a loss will it be Gabriel Fernandes’ injury, the manager said,”The doctor hasn’t said anything yet. We don’t know what the status is. I hope it is not very serious because he left the field in lot of pain.