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Governor K Rosaiah at Homecare International 2014

Governor K Rosaiah at Homecare International 2014 Photos (3) Homeocare International now comes to Tambaram with its 28th clinic. With a vast network of clinics across South India, in states such as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu we have 2000+ patients that come to us every day.

Homeocare International is the brain child of Dr. Srikant Morlawar, an expert practitioner of homeopathy with more than 36 years of experience. His vision to spread homeopathy is being fulfilled with the help of his expert doctors team & work force who are highly trained.

Today we are launching our New Happy Family Clinic at Tambaram, Chennai with the graceful hands of His Excellency Dr.K.Rosaiah Garu The Governor of Tamil Nadu that caters the needs of whole family’s health problems from Pediatric to Geriatric Diseases. We are the pioneers and the leaders of Constitutional Homeopathy a method that blends world-class technology with the experience of doctors. We were the first to introduce it in India and the world. Our team has dedicated itself to treat many diseases especially from Pediatric to Geriatric.

1) Kids & Teens Problems : Chronic Cold, Cough Tonsillitis & Bronchitis.

2) Adults Problems : Thyroid, Diabetes Spondylitis, Disc Problems & Joint

3) Adult Male Problems : Male Problems & Male Pattern baldness.

4) Adult Female Problems : PCOD, Irregular Menses & Infertility

5) Elderly : Osteo Arthritis, Memory Weakness, Depression