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I see a bit of myself in him: Shastri on Kohli

I see a bit of myself in him Shastri on Kohli Team director Ravi Shastri on Friday was all praise for stand-in skipper Virat Kohli and batsman Rohit Sharma.

“He’s aggressive and he’s very young, so the exuberance is still seen in him, which is very good for the team. And I see a bit of myself in him,” Shastri said.

Lavishing praise on Sharma, the former India skipper said, “I just told him to spend some time in the middle and he responded well to the pressure.”

“Even when I was 20-22 years of age, the adrenaline was running high. We’ve have been playing some good cricket. It’s a passionate bunch of boys.”

With Rohit Sharma going berserk in a breathtaking world record 264, India piled 404/5 for yet another merciless win against the Lankans.

“Sometime having butterflies in your stomach is good… He was under pressure scoring the initial 10-15 runs, but once he overcame the phase, everything fell in place,” he said.

Shastri also hailed the ICC’s recent crackdown on bowlers with suspected actions and said it was better late than never.