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Iran hopeful of gas pipeline project to be on track

Iran hopeful of gas pipeline project to be on track Iran is keen to “develop” business relations with India and is hopeful that Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline project will be back on track, said Mehdi Mahdavipour, Representative of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei in India.

“Once the pipeline is completed, the direct supply of petroleum will be available at a very low cost to Indians and will prove helpful to generate power in the country,” he said. The representative of Khamenei was speaking at a function on January 17.

“Installation of gas and oil pipeline has been completed upto the Pakistan border,” he said. Dialogue with Pakistan for its further installation are on and hope the pipeline will reach India very soon, Mahdavipour said.

The work on proposed gas pipeline is stalled due to security concerns over the pipeline traversing through Pakistan besides sanctions against Iran. Praising the steps to encourage foreign investments taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mahdavipour said that Gujarat summit was very fruitful for the countries who want to invest in India.

He stressed that the Indo-Iran historical relation will strengthen further in days to come. Reacting to the terror attack on the French weekly Charlie Hebdo, he said everybody has freedom of speech and publication but not on the cost of sentiments and freedom of another. “We all protested against the incident after the Friday prayers,” he said.