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Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Daddy’ to be adapted for stage

Mahesh Bhatts Daddy to be adapted for stageFilmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has adapted ‘Arth’ as a play, is now set to stage his 1989 film ‘Daddy’.

Daddy’, which marked the filmmaker’s daughter Pooja Bhatt’s acting debut and also starred Anupam Kher and Manohar Singh, will be remade in the form of a play. “It is a very sensitive subject and it is important for the next generation to know the complexities and sensitivities of relationships which are portrayed in the film. The success of ‘Arth’ play has inspired me to bring ‘Daddy’ on the stage,” Bhatt said.

The play, directed by Danish Iqbal, will open on August 4 in the capital. “The description of the play is on the shoulders of Danish Iqbal, who is an able director,” Bhatt said.

“At a time when, people are moving towards film industry from theatre, it is a good sign that such a renowned director is giving importance to stage,” said Iqbal, adding, he will try to do justice to the film’s subject. The lead role of the father will be reprised by actor Imran Zahid. The actress for the role of the daughter has not been decided yet.

The play will also travel to Benguluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai and will be staged abroad in December.