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Most communal clashes took place during Cong-NCP rule in Maha:

Most communal clashes took place during Cong NCP rule in Maha Accusing the Congress-NCP regime in Maharashtra of doing nothing except “looting” the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today targeted it saying the maximum number of terror activities and most communal clashes after Uttar Pradesh took place during their rule.

Addressing an election rally here today, he also highlighted the plight of tribals in the Vidharba region of the state who got lesser remuneration for their produce than those in Chhattisgarh and held the current regime responsible for it, as he exhorted people to give BJP a “full majority”.

“What is the reason for such a state of Maharashtra? Maximum number of terror acts occur in Maharashtra. Maximum communal riots after Uttar Pradesh took place in Maharashtra under Congress-NCP rule. Do they have any responsibility or not?” he said.

“Their (Congress and NCP) sole job was to fill their pockets. They have nothing to do with you. If you want Maharashtra to progress, give the BJP full majority,” Modi said, adding that their clock had struck on such a “mahurat” where they can “loot” the maximum.

Noting that the October 15 elections would decide the fate of Maharashtra, he said the state could be the number one in the country.

The Prime Minister also targeted NCP chief Sharad Pawar for not doing anything for people of Maharashtra both as Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister.

“Sharad Pawar was Agriculture Minister, but in Maharashtra, 3,700 farmers committed suicide every year. 3,700 families were destroyed, but Congress and NCP government did not shed tears for them. Such a cruel government has never existed in any corner of the country,” he said.

Gondia in the Vidharba region of Maharashtra is known as ‘Rice City’ due to the abundance of rice mills in the area and is close to Madhya Pradesh.