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Natalie wants more male nudity ‘Game of Thrones’

Natalie wants more male nudity Game of Thrones Game Of Thrones star Natalie Dormer has admitted she wants more male nudity on the show.

Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell in the HBO drama, is well aware that some people think there’s a gender imbalance when it comes to nudity on screen.

While it’s rare to go a full episode without a woman taking their clothes off, the male members of the cast seem to get off fairly lightly.

Dormer is hoping they can redress the balance in the new series, telling the Daily Beast: ‘During the first season Alfie, Richard, and several of the men got naked – although not all the way. I suppose it’s just the rules of broadcast television, isn’t it?

‘I think Thrones has been better than your average show with the equality, but they could definitely ramp it up! Absolutely.’

She also revealed that she based her character on a combination of ‘the media circus that surrounds Kate Middleton’ and Michelle Obama, saying: ‘Because Margaery is very politically savvy and our royal family tries to keep out of politics, it’s a hybrid of that statesmanship between the royal family and the first lady.’