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National Joint Council of Action Protest Photos

Thousands of Central Government Employees from the Railways, Defence, Postal, Income Tax, Accountant & Audit etc. assembled today at Jantar Mantar to protest against the anti labour atitute of the Government of India and also to highlight the charter of demands submitted to the Government of India almost a year before.

Since there is no positive approach from the Government of India to negosiate amd settle the genuine demands of the Central Government Employees the National Joint Council of Action of Central Government Employees have observed All India Protest Day all over the Country today by holding massive demoration by wearing Black Badge in front of all Work spot/Office. The NJCA has decided to go for an indefinite strike during the Budget Session of the Parliament in 2016 in case the Government fails to negosiate and settle the Charter of Demands.

VETRI MSR ( New Delhi )