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PM’s Swachh drive possible with citizens’ participation: Aamir

PMs Swachh drive possible with citizens participation Aamir Bollywood star Aamir Khan today said the cleanliness mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is feasible, provided municipalities and citizens take active part in its implementation.

“I think it is possible,” Aamir told reporters after the telecast of his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and also live screening of ‘Mumkin Hai’ programme here.

Referring to an episode on the solid and liquid waste management which was telecast in ‘Satyamev Jayate’, the 49-year-old actor said if municipalities and citizens adopt this method then implementation of “swachh Bharat” drive is possible.

Explaining how simple methods of solid and liquid waste management would help in cleaning an area, the actor cited age-old time-tested methods for disposal of waste generated from fruits and vegetables in household.

“You can generate gas, manure and power if solid and liquid waste management techniques, which are very simple, are adopted by municipalities and citizens. We should not dump our waste on dumping grounds as that is very harmful when blackish liquid penetrates into the land.

“Both, government and citizens are responsible for the current situation on the issue in the country,” Aamir said, adding that a municipality in Jodhpur has taken initiative on the issue on the lines of solid and liquid waste management.

“It is possible,” Aamir stressed and suggested for having a colony-wise plan for waste disposal.

He said that the show on solid and liquid waste management would be telecast again for the benefit of people as the PM has also tried to enlighten people on the issue.

Responding to a query, Aamir said that he would consider making an episode on Bhopal Gas Tragedy, considered as the world’s worst industrial disaster.

When asked what difference his show has brought in the country, Aamir cited examples of Gwalior wherein the city is almost made disabled-friendly by district collector after getting inspired by the show.

The actor claimed that Maharashtra, where sex ratio was 819 women per 1000 male, has improved the ratio to 940 after drawing inspiration from his show on gender inequality.