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Prosenjit turns up as coach, eggs on players

Prosenjit turns up as coach eggs on players Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee today exchanged tips with ‘Para’ football team coach ‘Atanuda’ as the real life foot soldiers dribbled and dodged past the reel life celeb-turned-footballers.

Prosenjit, aka Sebastian, egged on his Lorai XI comprising Indrashis Roy, Kanchan Mullick and others as the rag-tag ‘Dumdum’ soccer team refused to yield even an inch.

“This is what real life football is all about. Reflecting the battle against odds. Some of these players have the spark but we need a real life Sebastian to nurture them like swimming coach ‘Khirda’ in Koni,” Prosenjit said.

The actor, having straddled Tollywood for over three decades, exchanged notes with the star-struck coach of a finalist team on ‘Dumdum Tarundal’ playground.

“Lorai is a film for the mass and not just for class and we are taking it to every nook and cranny of the soccer-crazy state,” the ‘Moner Manush’ protagonist in Lalon biopic, said.

Parambrata said, Lorai is the first ever Bengali film on such a massive scale, in the same mount of Lagan and Chak De India, and the first ever full fledged Indian sports film capturing the on-field thrills after Chak De.

Lorai, produced by Greentouch Entertainment, has playbacks rendered by Arijit Singh among others.