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Trainee tries to harm himself at SAI centre

Running shoes closeup

Running shoes closeup

A 19-year-old sprinter of the Lakshmibai National College for Physical Education here, a Sports Authority of India (SAI) centre, attempted to cut a nerve in his left arm this morning but the reason for his actions is not yet clear.

“The boy tried to harm himself. He created a small cut on his left arm using a glass piece and was immediately rushed to the Trivandrum Medical college hospital here where he was given first aid and discharged,” Dr G Kishore, Principal of the LNCPE, told PTI.

“It was only a superficial cut. It appears he was under some mental tension,” Dr Kishore said.

Meanwhile, SAI has ordered an internal inquiry to find out what triggered the incident.

“We are probing the incident to find out what actually happened. A senior official of SAI has been deputed along with two others to probe the incident,” Kishore said.

The youth, who has been with the SAI institute since the past four years, has also given a written statement that he was under some mental tension.

Kishore said the boy has said he was stressed out due to various competitions. This was being looked into, he said.

The incident has caused concern as it comes hardly a month after four trainee girl athletes of the SAI’s Water Sports Centre at Alapzuha attempted to end their life by consuming poisonous fruit alleging harassment by seniors.

A 15-year-old girl had died while three others survived.

The boy with a minor cut in his arm was brought this morning to the Medical College and was discharged after first aid, Medical College Hospital sources said.