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Try juveniles accused of rape as adults: MPs

Try juveniles accused of rape as adults MPs Members in the Lok Sabha today expressed anguish over rising atrocities against women and children and demanded that juveniles accused of rape be tried like adults for this purpose.

Participating in the discussion on atrocities against women and children, Bijoya Chakravarty (BJP) said there is need for transformation of the male mindset so that they do not look at women as “property for enjoyment”.

“There should be proper monitoring so that the law is implemented. Quick trial is necessary. Juveniles should not be spared and they should be treated on par with other accused,” she said.

Echoing similar views, Ranjeeta Ranjan (Cong) said there was need to change the mindset since as long as the dowry system remains in the society, female foeticide and similar crimes cannot be controlled.

“Women should stop being dependent on male fraternity and look up to them as their saviour. Women should be self sufficient,” she said.

Ranjan also said that juveniles accused of such crimes should not be spared.

She suggested night patrolling and installing CCTV cameras in public transports for checking crimes against women and children.

Referring to pictures appearing in media based on the Nirbhaya incident, Ranjan said it is a a “shame” on the people of the country that the literate people have such mindset.

“More than amending laws, there is need to change the mindset of people,” she said.