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US intelligence agencies likely to question ISIS return youth

US intelligence agencies likely to question ISIS return youth Areeb has told Indian NIA that he worked as a mason on Iraq’s Mosul dam, before being allowed to fight in Syria

American intelligence agencies are likely to question Kalyan youngster Areeb Majeed, who last week returned to Mumbai after being associated with Iraq-based terrorist outfit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The United States, which is fighting ISIS, is keen to know the ground situation in the territory held by the terror group.

Majeed is being currently grilled by National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials in Mumbai at an undisclosed location.

Majeed has told interrogators that even though he was a civil engineer, he was deployed by ISIS to work as a mason on the Mosul dam. “He was injured while working on the dam following an aerial attack,” a source said, adding that the dam is the largest in Iraq, and is located on the Tigris river.

ISIS held Mosul dam for several weeks in July and August. On August 17, Kurdish and Iraqi military launched a successful operation to take back the dam. The operation was backed up by airstrikes launched by the US.

After his stint at the Mosul dam, Majeed had moved to Rakka or ar-Raqqah, a Syrian town located on the north bank of the Euphrates river, which is now under ISIS control. At Rakka, Majeed was given an AK-47 rifle. Here he sustained injuries in splinter fire.

During interrogation, Majeed said that apart from him and the three other Mumbai youth who had enlisted with him, there was another Indian-origin youth who had joined ISIS. That youth had come from one of the Gulf countries, the sources said.

Majeed was arrested on Friday after his return to Mumbai after spending nearly six months in Iraq.

On May 25, four engineering students from Kalyan town — Majeed, Shaheen Tanki, Fahad Shaikh and Aman Tandel – flew to Baghdad as part of a group visiting religious shrines in Iraq. They struck out on their own and joined ISIS.